Ravenfield since 2015
darkrock to kill happpiness
We’ve played a couple of gigs during the last 3 years. We had some changes inside the band, but we are always on our way forward.January 2017 we released our first EP. Five songs of darkness, melancholy, love and hate. And then? ... We hit the road and played many concerts with some really awsome bands. That’s what it’s all about beeing a band. And we grow with that.And now it’s time to write a new chapter of our story. On may 3th 2019 we released our fist Album Faith And Fall ! What it sounds like ? visit us on our website www.ravenfield.de an listen. darkrock to kill happiness.Hope to see you soon, love the living



Tel.: 01723996475



unser Verein

M.a.De. for Kid's e.V.

c/o Andreas Horn

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